Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Study Says Echinacea Doesn't Help Colds

The latest study from the National Institute of Health tells us that Echinacea doesn't help the common cold. The study published in The New England Journal of Medicine used an extract of Echinacea angustifolia on 437 volunteers and found no effectiveness in treating rhinovirus or its symptoms. What do you think? I have found that if I take a teaspoon of Echinacea every two hours (I use a blend,) a zinc lozenge, a lot of water, and a hot shower at the very first symptom, I can usually ward off a cold even when every one else around me is sick. It works for me. Maybe it is the combination of everything else I do, or maybe my mind perceives the effort I am making and just doesn't let me get sick!

COMMON SENSE: Echinacea has been used "effectively" for illness for thousands of years. Can a clinical study discount years of tradition? It doesn't matter what a "controlled study" tells us or for that matter, doesn't tell us. Every body is different. Whatever works for you, works!


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