Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Journey to Health

I would like to introduce this blog with the sentiments of my mother who turned 70 years young today. As a second-generation skeptic, I was raised to believe in the simplicity of nature - and how complex that has been! My own journey to healing begins with health, and this is how it all started:

"I was a young mother in the 1960’s. I breast fed my babies when the doctors advised that “bottle feeding” was best. I shopped the grocery stores for the freshest produce even though the “TV Dinner” was the greatest time-saver on the shelf. I read the product labels on every food item I bought, just to know what we were eating. I wanted my children to be healthy and in order to be healthy, I was convinced that their diets had to be the best.I was a trusting mother and consumer. I believed that food companies were truthful and that additives were safe, but I began to question the food colorings, stabilizers, preservatives, and hydrogenated oils listed on the labels of the food I was buying. I had an intuitive belief that food should be eaten as close to the natural state as possible, so something did not feel right about this. How could these man-made chemical additives be nutritious, and how on earth could we possibly know – in the long term – if they were safe? How could we, as consumers, allow the food processing companies to slowly poison us?Thus began my foray into the world of organics. I became increasingly concerned about the safety of many of the ingredients listed on the labels, not to mention all the “hidden ingredients” of which we are not informed. What about the elements that are in the soil and the plant before it is processed for our consumption? Our bodies are not designed to process chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, synthetic steroids, and genetically modified organisms! What will our bodies, and our planet, be like after a few more generations of toxins and GMO’s?"

COMMON SENSE: Mom knows best!


At 11:38 AM, Anonymous bighandsroy said...

Certified Organic is the only way to go.Due to Capitilism farmers have forgotten the old methods of farming.The bigger the better is not always true.

At 10:04 PM, Anonymous dukenoir said...

In modern societies, we have forgotten so much through the centuries when you consider the answers that are out there in the natural world concerning health and nutrition. Combine this with what we have yet to learn or discover about the natural world. Modern thinking by much of the professional health community and the scientists/researchers that are hard at work looking for answers in a laboratory are on a quest to feed and cure us with unproven chemical synthetics. The ramifications from the use of ‘miracle drugs’, vaccinations for common diseases and ailments such as the flu and genetically modified foods (GMO) are both unknown and at best a scary proposition!

Our doctors seem to be in the business (along with the pharmaceutical companies) of treating us instead of curing our medical problems. With the rampant use of pesticides along with the addition of various preservatives, fertilizers, food color and hydrogenated oils in the growth and processing of what we eat, we are in real trouble as a society.
It is important to consume organically grown food at every opportunity. There are currently a lot of people that are learning of the health benefits of food grown and processed correctly. The cancers and numerous health problems along with the current trends toward obesity in adults and children alike push us to find answers. The mainstream companies try to sometimes serve disinformation about organic food. It is true they have a lot at stake in their factory methods of food production where the concern is on the profit and quantity as opposed to caring about the health of humans. This is not unlike the oil companies vs. alternative energy sources and pollution or the tobacco companies covering up and lessening the health concerns of smoking.

Using common sense in maintaining health is essential to our survival. Much of our eating habits are controlled by the greed of mass produced food sources and the convenience of bad food sources such as the majority of the fast food industry. We need to realize how important it is for our survival to seek and procure pure food and water along with the struggle for a natural environment against any factors that create the opposite in our lives.


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