Sunday, August 14, 2005

Drink More Spring or Filtered Water to Improve Every Facet of Your Health

I get a headache. I have a muscle cramp. I get in a really foul mood. You know the last thing I think about doing is drinking a glass of water! But it helps - when I remember. I have a friend who was getting regular back spasms. Her doctor told her to down as much water as she could as soon as she felt one coming on. It worked! And every time she felt the spasm starting, she knew she was getting dehydrated. I am really trying to pay attention to the signals by body is sending me. Some are subtle, but some speak loud and clear like my friend's back spasm. Staying hydrated is not easy in my hustle and bustle day, but I think there are compelling reasons to drink plenty of high quality water. Check out this link for a more in depth discussion of the benefits of water:

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and this book by F. Batmanghelidg, Your Body's Many Cries for Water.

COMMON SENSE: Do I even have to say it? Drink high quality, life-sustaining water. Flush out toxins. Hydrate your cells. Regulate your pH. Replenish your minerals. And for heaven's sake, don't drink beverages with sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, or any other unnatural food additives.


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