Monday, August 15, 2005

Booming Sales of Anti-Bacteria Products Endanger Public Health

OK - I will admit it. I am a germaphobe. I wash my hands constantly, but I still haven't bought into the antibacterial "this and that" crusade. I am fearful that anti-bacterial products will create super-resistant bacteria, and I am not alone in my thinking. Now I find out that chloroform and dioxins may be created by these products as well. Read the story This Is Why We Don't Clean. Another example of convincing the public that something is better for us without examining the long-term consequences.

COMMON SENSE: It's survival of the fittest out there for bacteria as it is for every other species. The strongest will survive. The strongest will adapt. Then, what kind of anti-bacterial towel are you going to use for them?


At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Don't Got Milk said...

The overuse of antibiotics is showing up in strange places. According to the following story: "The spread of a pig-borne disease in southwest China and the high death toll have thrown the spotlight on the widespread and indiscriminate use of antibiotics in Asia, giving the bacterium added resistance." The Reuters' story is just the beginning folks. You better start watching those germs!

At 10:28 AM, Anonymous Al Dandy said...

My name is Al Dandy. I am the inventor of the Healthy Handle. My concern in designing my product was protecting the user of the common shopping cart from the filth that exists on them WITHOUT the use of chemicals. They are misleading in that they make us believe that using them makes everything OK. They are taking advantage of a real problem. As we struggle to inform the public of the dangers that exist and the best way to address them, we commend your website, and look forward to more of your informative articles. We are proud to add this information to our website,
We would appreciate any and all comments. Thanks again, AL


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